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Husk Charcoal

Agricultural waste with a light weight, for plant cultivation as soil loosening.

Pure Husk

Agricultural waste that can be used for building materials, fertilizers, fuel, etc.

Husk Briquettes

Agricultural waste is processed into solid fuel with a good and even heat source.

Seashell Powder

Seashell powder is high in calcium content, used as animal feed ingredients, bone meal mixtures, processed fertilizers, facial treatments, itching powder, etc.

Husk Pellets

Used as a pet cage base, has good water absorption so that it will keep the cage moist and does not cause odors.

Husk Ash

Is a mixture of planting media to fertilize plants in pots or polybags, because it contains nutrients that plants need.

Shelled Corn

Dried corn seeds that can be added to dishes as vegetables, or feed your pet birds.

Husk Powder

The bran from rice mills when producing rice is used as animal feed because it has a high nutritional content. Cheap and easy to get.

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